Environment and Planning vision for The Hague

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Witteveen+Bos, as the main contractor in a collaboration with ECHO Urban Design, Rho Adviseurs, and Boomvanmourik, has been selected by the Municipality of The Hague to assist in developing its environment and planning vision. The Municipality is currently working on a long-term vision for The Hague in its regional context, aiming to invest in an ongoing dialogue on the future of the physical living environment.

The collaboration team will support the Municipality by conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This will involve a thorough baseline measurement, achieved in part by visualising the current state of the living environment. To facilitate dialogue on the vision and make it accessible to all local stakeholders, integrated images will be used to illustrate how choices in the vision will lead to changes in the city. The team aims to equip the Municipality with tools to help ensure the city’s growth goes hand in hand with an increase in quality.

By bringing together the issues of housing, well-being, economic vitality, climate change adaptation, greening, liveability, and accessibility, we can quite literally create space in the city. A design study will be conducted to explore exactly what kind of future is desired, and the EIA will be used to measure the impact of potential development pathways. The collaboration team is proud to be working with the Municipality to establish goals for the development of a pleasant, sustainable and promising living environment in The Hague.

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