Change in the Board postponed to this autumn

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Witteveen+Bos has scheduled an additional AGM (Annual General Meeting) in the autumn of 2020. The regular AGM was already rescheduled from 9 April 2020 to 6 May 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis, and will mostly take place in digital format. The change in the Board of Directors has also been postponed to October.

In these uncertain times, Witteveen+Bos chose to limit the number of decisions it presents to the shareholders. We will propose to postpone the 2019 profit appropriation, in spite of the fact that our liquidity position is currently sound; and to not make any dividend payments for the time being. Also, no new partners will be appointed in May. Furthermore, we intend to convene a second AGM in mid-October 2020. By this time, we will have the intermediate financial results up to August 2020 at our disposal. We will have a better insight into the impact of the coronavirus on liquidity and the order book during 2020, and we will have some insight into the 2021 outlook. These insights will be used to present additional decisions to the shareholders in the second AGM.

Karin Sluis, Managing Director: ‘We choose a solid plan, focusing on due care and sound business continuity. We are focused on staying healthy, keeping productivity high and maximising liquidity. For the time being, this has had good results. We have full confidence of getting through this challenging time. Together with the envisioned new Board members, Wouter Bijman and Eveline Buter, Stephan van der Biezen and I feel it would not be appropriate to change the Board in the given circumstances. Naturally, we will involve them in the most important decisions, which is in line with the advice issued by our Supervisory Board. All Witteveen+Bos staff are now focused on business continuity and on continuing to deliver maximum added value for our clients. We are proud to see how everyone is putting their back into it and are looking after each other. Expert, reliable and engaged - that is how we continue to do our business.’