The Customer Portal

Project communication is a complex and time-consuming process. The Customer Portal offers a solution that helps all stakeholders within a project. This online dashboard simplifies project communication and improves collaboration. Instead of running projects for customers, the Customer Portal helps organisations to run projects with customers. 

Problem: communication is time-consuming

Communication on project progress is complex. Despite the delivery of progress reports, there are many questions in the meantime, leading to a lot of e-mail traffic and phone calls about the project. This process is inefficient and especially time-consuming. The Customer Portal offers help in this situation. Stakeholders within a project are kept live on the progress of a project and have access to a central place for all project information. This greatly reduces the need for phone calls and e-mails.

A collage of 2 screenshots of the Customer Portal.

Efficient project communication with the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is an online dashboard that allows project managers to make information on the progress of a project as transparent, centred and clear as possible. The portal allows all stakeholders within a project to provide feedback on the delivered work and progress of the project. With this, the Customer Portal provides a feeling of trust, always keeps the customer informed and ensures cost-efficient cooperation.

A screenshot of the Customer Portal.

The Customer Portal offers transparency and saves time

By making project progress and information visible to all stakeholders, you create transparency. In addition, the Customer Portal saves time which is otherwise spent, for example, on collecting and communicating status updates. Compared to sharing progress via e-mail with Word or Excel files, the Customer Portal is much more accessible to all stakeholders. Furthermore, creating a progress report is just a click of a button.

Two screenshots of the Customer Portal.

Benefits of the Customer Portal


The Customer Portal provides an easy way for stakeholders to give feedback on the work delivered. This allows timely adjustments to be made where necessary.

Efficient communication

The Customer Portal provides continuous online insight into a project's progress, saving a lot of time in providing status updates or creating progress reports.

Automatic progress reporting

By keeping track of progress over the course of the project in the Customer Portal, it is possible to run a progress report very quickly.

More information?

As product engineer, Martijn works on the further development and marketing of Witteveen+Bos' digital products. This includes the Customer Portal.

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Martijn Nieuwenhuijse Product engineer