Preventing excavation damage in underground pipelines is still a complex challenge. Incidents during excavations still occur. GeoSaFence warns machine operators and pipeline managers about excavation activities near high-pressure pipelines. This poses major risks to people and the environment.

Safety risks from pipeline damage

There is a major challenge in preventing excavation damage to pipelines. Anyone who needs to dig anywhere is required to request the location information of underground cables and pipelines through the Land Registry's KLIC notification service. Although using the KLIC notification service helps a lot to prevent excavation damage to pipelines, incidents still happen during excavations. This is a result of miscommunication or misinterpreting the information. GeoSaFence (Geo, Safe, Fence) reduces the risk of damage to high-pressure pipes for pipe owners, contractors and private individuals.

How does GeoSaFence work?

The operator equips the excavator with a GeoSaFence device and enters the type of excavator being used in the GeoSaFence app. The system is then activated and excavation work is started. GeoSaFence alerts the operator through an audio signal and a signal via the app, if any excavation activity is carried out near a high-pressure pipeline. A signal is also sent to the operator of that pipeline, so that they are extra alert to the work.

Advantages of GeoSaFence

GeoSaFence is a security system that is easy to deploy. The system is affordable for smaller businesses and individuals. Besides its affordability and ease of use, GeoSaFence is also unique for its plug-and-play feature. As a result, no pre-installation or additional work is required beforehand or afterwards.

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GeoSaFence is supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Association of Pipeline Owners in the Netherlands (VELIN). In addition, the project is carried out in cooperation with Saxion, SODAQ, SOMA College and the companies: Het Zwarte Corps, Gasunie, NOGAT, PPS-Pipelines, LSNED, Wintershall Noordzee B.V., Vermilion Energy Netherlands B.V., RRP and NAM.

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Why GeoSaFence?

Improves safety

GeoSaFence reduces the risk of damage to pipes for pipe owners, contractors and individuals, thereby improving safety.

Plug-and-Play solution

GeoSaFence is easy to use and requires no prior installation process.

Accessible to smaller companies and individuals

Simple and inexpensive solution making GeoSaFence suitable not only for larger contractors, but also for smaller companies and private users.

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