3D Concrete Printed House

Eindhoven University of Technology, Van Wijnen, Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix, Vesteda, the Municipality of Eindhoven and Witteveen+Bos

A house in Eindhoven has been made with 3D Concrete Printing. This house is part of a construction and innovation project in which five houses will eventually be made with 3D Concrete Printing. The ambition of the partners of this project is to create a sustainable construction method that will help solve the housing shortage.

The first 3D concrete printed house

This iconic project concerns an exceptionally designed freestanding single-floor house of 94 square metres and consists of a living room and two bedrooms. The self-supporting wall elements have insulation, making the house very energy efficient. The house is now occupied.  

Shape of the house

The shape of the house, an irregular boulder, shows well the freedom of form that 3D Concrete Printing offers. A natural organic shape was chosen, this was a challenge, but with the knowledge gained it is possible to move away from the usual rectangular houses.

An image collage of 3 pictures of the 3D concrete printed house

Project Milestone

This house is part of 'Project Milestone'. This project consists of five houses being built one by one, and both the design of the house and the technology of printing become more complex with each house. As a result, each new round of construction maximises learning from the previous one. Research into the technology remains under development.

Advantages of 3D Concrete Printing

Using 3D Concrete Printing for houses offers several advantages:

- Houses can be built relatively quickly.
- Lots of flexibility in form.
- Less concrete is needed compared to traditional construction. This makes the house sustainable.


The next house will consist of several floors, which will further develop the technique. The aim is to eventually achieve a sustainable construction method that contributes to solving the housing shortage.
Read more about Project Milestone.

3D Concrete Printing

Concrete is poured in layers to produce structural elements for buildings and infrastructure projects.
A photo of a 3D concrete printer. The printer is working.

Want to know more?

Marijn generates impact through innovation such as digitalisation and 3D concrete printing in the construction industry. He was the winner of the 2020 Cobouw Young Talent Award. 

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Marijn Bruurs Consultant Digital Construction