Optimising water management using BAT

Many industrial processes use water that will need to be treated as wastewater in a later phase. End-of End-of-pipe solutions form an important cost for numerous reasons:

There are also considerable advantages of separate drainage for non-polluted rainwater and wastewater. It is particularly on older company sites that we come across mixed draining systems.

Reduce loss of raw materials, water, energy consumption and treatment costs

Witteveen+Bos optimises water management in production environments, which often pays for itself more quickly and is often more cost-effective across the board than treating wastewater afterwards.

We use production audits to map out water management and examine critical systems for further optimisation. This enables us to limit raw material losses, examine water and energy consumption reduction options and reduce treatment costs.

Multidisciplinary cooperation with our own production managers

We always use BAT (Best Available Technology) to optimise existing processes and are experienced in evaluating and using BAT in a large range of industrial sectors.

Moreover, we work closely with your own on-site production managers to achieve these optimisations, combining the product knowledge specific to your environment with our knowledge of aquifer systems. We are convinced that such multi-disciplinary cooperation is the basis for success.

How we serve industrial companies

  • Evaluation of BAT
  • Evaluation of the origin and use of water in business processes
  • Water balance configuration and assessment
  • Investigation of water management improvements, with objective being to save water
  • Checks and inventories of sewage systems
  • Design and redesign of sewage systems

More information?

Hugo Desmet

PMC manager Sustainable Industrial Operations