Advice on process water discharge standards

We help our clients to understand the complex laws and regulations governing wastewater discharge into surface waters and offers advice on their application.

Discharge standards do not come out of nowhere. Various aspects are taken into account when developing the framework of standards:

  • The optimal operation of these treatment systems
  • Sectoral BAT studies
  • The impact on the recipient surface water

Prior to a permit application, the framework of standards is always drafted in close consultation with the competent authorities.

Add an EIA to permit applications

An environmental impact assessment is sometimes required for the extension or renewal of an environmental permit. The industry water group may calculate the component relating to surface water in cooperation with Witteveen+Bos or external party experts.

Support for new impact analysis

Environmental permit applications for discharging industrial wastewater have been assessed according to a new methodology since 1 February 2021. The Flanders Environment Agency has developed a calculation tool to determine whether or not there is a clear deterioration of the recipient body of surface water.

Although this calculation tool is freely available, completing and interpreting this can result in some confusion. We support companies in completing and interpreting this impact assessment correctly.

How we serve industrial companies:

  • Evaluation of discharge standards
  • Impact assessment of discharge parameters
  • Support in applying for new or adapted discharge standards
  • Evaluation of the feasibility of discharging industrial wastewater to a treatment plant or surface water
  • Environmental Impact Assessment relating to surface water

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