Industrial water

The industry in Belgium is highly dependent on the availability of water. To carry out production processes, a quantity of water is needed that accounts for about 40 % of the total water consumption in Flanders. In addition, there is the indirect dependence on water for obtaining the necessary raw materials.

The care for water in industry is one of the important challenges to reduce the environmental impact of production processes but also to safeguard the future of our industry. Based on the availability of water (estimated at 1620 m3/inhabitant/year), the FAO considers Belgium to be a zone of water stress (FAO Aquastat, 2015).

With our expertise in the field of industrial water Witteveen+Bos wants to achieve an impact on the water management in the industry in Belgium by means of engineering and advice. Our starting point is progressive objectives such as zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and the use of pollution in waste water as a source for new raw materials or energy. 


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