Wastewater treatment and reuse

Belgian industry depends on the availability of water. Industrial processes account for an average 40% of the total water consumption in Flanders and water is a crucial factor in extracting raw materials.

Moreover, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) considers Belgium to be a high water stress zone as the total annual water consumption is estimated to be 350 m3 per resident. To safeguard our industry’s continued smooth functioning, it is vital that we reduce the environmental impact of water consumption during production processes.

Partner in industrial water management

The Witteveen+Bos Industrial water business unit offers clients full engineering support and advice on wastewater treatment. Our objective is to impact Belgian companies’ industrial water management, with polluted wastewater forming the source of new raw materials or energy.

To realise this objective, we work with your team to provide answers to various water-related issues, particularly within an industrial context. Our integrated approach enables us to examine and address various facets in detail.


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Hugo Desmet

PMC manager Sustainable Industrial Operations

Wouter De Vos

Groepsleider Industriewater