Integrated local area process

Integrated local area process requires customisation and collaboration

Sustainable solutions for rural areas are developed by connecting all relevant stakeholders with each other and assigning them roles, as well as by addressing the various challenges through an integrated approach. For Witteveen+Bos, customisation and collaboration are fundamental to realising successful integrated local area processes.

A local area process involves governments, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and local residents working together to find a unified approach to tackle the challenges concerning nature, nitrogen, water and the climate. The possibilities are examined for each area.

The scope in rural areas includes ongoing issues concerning nitrogen deposition and the decline of biodiversity, but also related issues such as the objectives for water quality (Water Framework Directive), drought, the management of Natura 2000 areas and landscape restoration.

Integrated analysis and area-based approach

We believe that the complex transition of rural areas can only be successfully achieved through an integrated analysis and an area-based approach.

Witteveen+Bos has the necessary capacity to manage this integrated local area process together with provinces, municipalities and other stakeholders. Our objective is always to provide solutions that focus on the long term, while respecting short-term goals.

Connecting facts, data and aspirations

When compiling integrated local area processes, we work according to our own development roadmap that links facts and data with the aspirations of and opportunities for local stakeholders. Only then will we find the right solutions at a local area level for the current and complex issues at the intersection of nature and the economy.

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