High-quality public transport facility

High-quality public transport (Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer (HOV)) stands for public transport systems that offer high-quality features such as exclusive traffic lanes, priority at traffic lights, comfortable vehicles and fast connections between key destinations. The aim of HOV is to provide an alternative to using the car by offering attractive and efficient travel options. It therefore plays an important role in the mobility transition in the urban area, where HOV can take over the role of the private car as a primary mode of transport.

Witteveen+Bos is working on several new HOV connections, for example in Eindhoven. A new connection here will provide an alternative to passenger car traffic, converting the city centre into a low-traffic area. Fitting an HOV connection into the existing environment requires a tailor-made solution and is technically complex. In addition, modifying existing infrastructure can have profound impacts on adjacent residents and stakeholders. Witteveen+Bos unites high-quality expertise in traffic engineering, civil engineering, urban integration and engagement and stakeholder management to make these projects a success.

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