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Improving air quality

As an industrial company, emissions and air quality are topics relevant to your operations. Air quality and nitrogen deposition play a large part in determining the health of both humans and animals. As an organisation, you want to be sure that you comply with all legislation and regulations on emissions and air quality. Deciphering policy and regulations versus recognising opportunities to reduce your organisation’s emissions requires the right combination of extensive technical knowledge, expertise in current jurisprudence, and practical experience. Witteveen+Bos possesses a diverse team of chemical technicians, flow specialists and ecologists able to identify the effects of industrial emissions on air quality using measurements and calculations. We perform these services in relation to both industrial and other types of activities, investigating the (im)possibility of (further) emission reductions and cost efficiencies. We can also relieve your organisation of doubt by validating key figures and determining the effectiveness of supplementary technologies.

We provide air quality studies as part of:

  • Due diligence investigations;
  • Environmental permit applications;
  • Nature Conservation Act exemptions;
  • Appropriate assessments;
  • Environmental impact assessments;
  • Zoning plans;
  • TracĂ© decisions;
  • Integration plans;
  • Monitoring and reporting obligations.


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