Energy scenarios

Mapping the energy system

The challenge is major. Given the 2030 and 2050 CO2 reduction targets, our energy system will need to be revised. That means that we will need to invest heavily in adapting our energy infrastructure, for example, by increasing electrification.

Maximising these investments will require research. How will market demand develop? What do the current national and international energy infrastructures look like and what adjustments/expansions are needed to make sustainable energy available to everyone?

Mapping future scenarios

Witteveen+Bos has the expertise and experience to map these future scenarios (energy system studies). We do this based on data, including of existing energy systems, the possibilities and limitations of the spatial environment, policy plans/vision documents, technological state of the art, market demand, etc.

We can run these scenarios for regional, national or cross-border energy systems. As an example thereof, we and two partners conducted the Nuclear Power Scenario Study for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. This included investigating the financial aspects, the impact on raw materials and energy security as well as the consequences thereof on the spatial integration of energy production.

Finally, we also conducted comparative research in which we analysed differences and similarities of a large number of studies and reports on (parts of) the future energy system.

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