Training Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a membrane filtration technology used throughout the world to desalinate water. This technology is not only used for the production of drinking water from seawater or brackish groundwater, but also for the production of ultra-pure water or for the comprehensive purification of wastewater for reuse.

Working with and designing RO systems requires specialised knowledge. In this basic course you learn what the necessary and critical preconditions are for making use of RO.

In addition to the basic theory and points of attention for the design, we also devote attention to the theoretical and practical points of attention involved in commissioning and operating an RO system. In short, when you become involved in reverse osmosis, this basic course is a must to help you acquire the necessary expertise.

Learning outcomes

  • You understand the RO principle and the terminology used
  • You understand how these systems are structured and the purpose of the various components
  • You know the key points of attention involved in designing a system
  • You are familiar with the key automation steps involved in a system
  • You know the operational points of attention and know which actions are required when
  • You understand how RO membranes can be cleaned
  • You are familiar with the operating costs of a system

Course contents

Basic theory

In this section we teach you how reverse osmosis works and what its key components are. Together we perform some calculations to become familiar with the most important points of attention.

System structure

In this section we show you what RO membranes really look like and how a system is structured. To become familiar with all components we design the major components of an RO system together. 


To become more familiar with a system, we cover how to commission a system and explain the various points of attention. In part on the basis of practical examples, in this section you learn what a system can and cannot do.

Operations and maintenance

In this section we explore the following topics in further depth:

  • automation steps at a high level
  • monitoring and when to intervene
  • cleaning reverse osmosis membranes
  • global operating costs

Training method

This practical basic course takes 1 training day during which we cover the basic theory up to the practical aspects of Reverse Osmosis. This basic course is aimed at people who are or who will become involved in Reverse Osmosis, but who are not yet very familiar with it. The course is presented by experienced instructors and also includes an opportunity to visit a Reverse Osmosis system.

Practical information

  • Course duration: 1 day
  • Date: 10 September
  • Location: Brouwerij Duvel-Moortgat | Breendonkdorp 66 | 2870 Breendonk, Belgium
  • Cost: EUR 675.00, excluding VAT
  • Lunch is included
  • Maximum number of participants: 15

This course is presented in collaboration with the Dutch and Belgian offices of Witteveen+Bos. The initial training courses will be given in Belgium by our Dutch colleagues.

Download all details regarding the General terms and conditions. Participants may be eligible for educational financial support by means of the SME e-wallet. Witteveen+Bos’ certificate number is DV.O229170.

Are you interested in this training course or would you like more information? For practical questions contact us on +31 (0)10 244 28 00 or email us. For technical questions contact Luuk Tetteroo on +31 (0) 618 01 11 62 or via email.



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