The story of Simone de Roos

‘My work is diverse and social and ensures a broad and in-depth perspective.’

In early 2023, I started working as a Flood Protection and Land Development Project Engineer in the flood defence sector. My work includes assessing, redesigning and reinforcing dykes by calculating failure mechanisms. As part thereof, I helped assess a dyke section in Gouda and prepared a seepage barrier design for a flood defence in Belgium.

Since my first day, I have been continuously learning (consciously and unconsciously) thanks to colleagues who share their knowledge and experience. Witteveen+Bos also offers the opportunity to expand your own knowledge with courses or symposiums. For example, I myself am now taking a soil mechanics & foundation engineering course and improving my programming techniques by taking a W+B Python course.

I am also very much looking forward to the Starters Programme. These are a series of meetings where young professionals within W+B get to know each other in a fun way while developing skills such as writing techniques and collaboration methods. In addition to working with great colleagues, there is also room for informal activities, such as a walk through town during lunch or a Friday afternoon get-together.

My work is diverse and social and ensures a broad and in-depth perspective. It brings me into contact with great and inspiring colleagues, at Witteveen+Bos but also at other organisations. It's the perfect combination between engineering and more, if you ask me!

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