The story of Sander Coosemans

What struck me most about Witteveen+Bos over the past year is the way we work together. Colleagues are open and dare to speak out and say how far they go along with your ideas; I see that in meetings with the business line quality team, the group meetings and the meetings at the Oosterweelverbinding. I also like the way we’re involved in modifying the company structure in the Belgian offices. Every employee of Witteveen+Bos Belgium could express their opinion on what they thought the company structure should be.

Finally, I find Witteveen+Bos colleagues to be really helpful. Not only are your immediate colleagues there for you when you need help, but so are those from other branches. Even if you haven’t met them before, when you need their expertise they’re happy to help you out or refer you to the right person.

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Sander Coosemans