The story of Parva Mahboub

‘I feel that I grow, learn and develop every week. That gives me a lot of motivation.’

With 10 years of experience as a structural engineer, I came to the Netherlands from Iran. In the meantime, I have been working as a Structural Modeller within the Built Environment business line for more than half a year. 

I produce drawings based on data provided by fellow structural engineers. All data provided by engineers, installers, architects and the client are then compiled into the final design. One of my recent projects involves the construction of a bus depot in Breda.
Working with colleagues gives me a lot of energy. Because it’s fun, but also because we complement each other. We can ask each other questions and share experiences.

I take pride in my role as a Structural Modeller. This is my first full-time job within my field of expertise since I arrived in the Netherlands. I feel that I grow, learn and develop every week. In terms of my field of expertise, the Dutch language, but also things as certain software that I was not yet familiar with. That gives me a lot of motivation.

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