The story of Mathijs Hansen

'I am proud to contribute so broadly to making the energy sector more sustainable.'

During my graduate studies, I liked both sides so much that I then started working as a project engineer. Now I have been working for two years within the Sustainable Industry Strategy group on sustainable energy projects. Together with colleagues from across the organization, I am committed to making the energy supply more robust and sustainable. I do this in projects on sustainable heat, smart energy use with so-called smart energy hubs and green hydrogen.

I am proud to contribute so broadly to making the energy sector more sustainable. For me personally, two projects stand out: Heat Network Zoning Pilot Program, on the feasibility of heat networks in the UK, and second: designing a very large electrolyser.

These projects contributed to my knowledge broadening and development on both soft and hard skills. I worked with different international stakeholders and learned, for example, what is involved in generating hydrogen on a large scale.

In the future, I hope to specialize further in making hydrogen sustainable. I am curious about the developments in digitalization and how this will help in accelerating my work and the energy transition. Besides working on challenging projects, I really like the fact that Witteveen+Bos also organizes activities outside working hours. While bouldering or relaxing on the terrace I get to know my colleagues even better in a fun way!

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