The story of Marinus Aalberts

Innovation in dike construction

Building dikes is the best job there is. You can’t get more Dutch than this: a dike builder is part of a centuries-old tradition that has shaped our country.  At Witteveen+Bos, I am working on the first project that will apply the revised national standard for dike safety. That gives me a lot of energy - energy to apply all available knowledge, skills and talents, and to make sure that we maintain our leading position in terms of expertise. This also means that we must anticipate and respond to new developments. VR-Dijken is a good example: this dike design tool allows stakeholders to participate in the design process via Virtual Reality. Because we possess such extensive in-house expertise, we were able to quickly develop a tool that delivers excellent results.

Witteveen+Bos medewerker Marinus Aalberts

Marinus Aalberts

PMC manager Flood Protection and Land Development