The story of Floris Heinen

'I think it's important to work at an organization that facilitates my learning process. That gives me energy.'

Doing my part for a better future is something I find important. At Witteveen+Bos I get the space to discover what I like. I feel I have my foot in the door everywhere. With the right attitude and enough curiosity, colleagues are eager to involve you in their projects.

Since last year, I have been working as a Measurement Technician of Odour and Emissions. That means I am in a factory or on a roof to measure (odor) emissions. It is a job in which you visit many different project locations and your sense of responsibility and self-reliance is required. I like that very much.

In addition to measurement technician, I also work as a Project Engineer for Air Quality and Health, where I work on nitrogen studies. It is a topical subject, where you are in close contact with the client during your research. We check, for example, whether their project fits into the environment, as far as nitrogen is concerned. It's totally different work than I do as a measurement technician and that variety makes it very enjoyable.

I find it important to work for an organization that facilitates my learning process and gives me room to undertake things within the organization. You can feel the energy this releases in both me and my colleagues!