The story of Dédé Reichart

Dédé Reichart (28, Amsterdam) studied Construction Management and Engineering. As part of his thesis, he devised a method for keeping large construction projects on track. He’s now working with around a hundred colleagues on preparing the ‘construction of the century’: the Oosterweel Link.

Increase space for decision-making

‘For my graduation project, I was looking for a company that would offer me the freedom to explore my own ideas. That's how I ended up at Witteveen+Bos. I used that internship in 2018 to devise a system that allows construction project decisions to be delayed. This way, you make full use of all the information and don’t prematurely rule out potentially optimal scenarios. In my model, the computer uses two existing simulation techniques. It can help prevent construction projects taking longer than expected or going over budget, which is so often the case. This simulation is helping us to stay a step ahead of logistics issues in preparing the construction of the Oosterweel Link in Antwerp.’

Oosterweel Link

‘I’m working with several hundred colleagues on this project to close the northwest side of the Antwerp Ring road. It’s a huge operation that will take around ten years, which is why the Belgians are calling it ‘the construction of the century’. All contractors are on board and the design is largely complete. As risk manager, my task is to identify and manage uncertainties and subsequently use financial analyses to produce information to support decision-making. The aim is to optimise implementation in terms of safety, the local environment and quality. We’re pulling out all the stops.’

Diversity and inclusivity

‘I've found that pursuing your interests is the best way to enjoy your work. One of my interests is the topic of diversity and inclusivity. The staff make-up of Witteveen+Bos is becoming increasingly international, yet our clients often request project staff with a Dutch background. It’s a challenge, because of course we want equal opportunities for everyone. That’s why we’re considering a buddy system – so we can show clients the added value of working with professionals from different backgrounds. Colleagues with work experience abroad possess a lot of knowledge.’

'Pursuing your interests is the best way to enjoy your work'

- Dédé Reichart -

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