The story of Bas Stam

Fulfill your personal ambitions

During my master's in Civil Engineering - Transport & Planning, I joined Witteveen+Bos as a graduating student. I enjoyed it so much that I stayed. As a traffic management expert in the Mobility group, I am involved in all kinds of issues relating to traffic, transport, and mobility.

The projects I work on are very diverse, which is what makes my work so enjoyable. One day I might be working on a big motorway project for the Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management, while the next I'll be helping a municipality with an urban mobility issue. I see a challenge in optimising the mobility system in and around cities and I find the relationship with spatial integration very interesting. I'd like to specialise in this more over the coming years.

Luckily, Witteveen+Bos gives me the freedom to make such choices and helps me fulfil my personal ambitions. In this way, I eventually hope to be able to contribute to healthy, clean, and accessible cities.


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