The story of Bart Jansen

'What makes my job so great? Making sure safe water flows from the taps every day!'

Every day I dedicate myself to making safe water flow from every tap in the Netherlands. Almost always in collaboration with colleagues with electrical and civil engineering backgrounds. It is the core of my work as a mechanical project engineer: ensuring high-quality drinking water.

What makes and keeps working at Witteveen+Bos fascinating is that no two projects are the same. Although I am a member of the Drinking Water PMC, I also contribute to various heat networks and wastewater treatment plants. It is precisely this diversity that makes every day interesting.

One telling project is the design of a softening plant for the Ouddorp drinking water treatment plant. I had the opportunity to design the installations, perform hydraulic calculations and ensure the spatial integration of all components. A great feeling to be able to improve drinking water quality in that region.

I also had some great moments with my colleagues outside working hours. For example, I participated in the triathlon in Holten with more than 30 W+B employees. A wonderful experience, which has certainly motivated me to participate in these kinds of races more often.