Site investigation for PVC pipe manufacturer

A European manufacturer of pipe and fitting solutions is looking for a new production site in Central Java. The projected site is located on a new industrial estate – a greenfield development – called Kawasan Industri Terpadu Batang (KITB). 

In light of our familiarity with both Indonesian and European standards, Witteveen+Bos was selected to conduct the site investigation. A Netherlands-based organisation with almost 45 years of experience in Indonesia, we possess experts familiar with all local codes and standards and who know how to satisfy both local requirements and the expectations of a European manufacturer.

We conducted a basic site investigation which included assessing permits and ownership documents and evaluating the development status of the site and the progress of supporting utilities. A geotechnical survey and analysis was also carried out, as were various environmental due diligence measures based on the American ASTM E1527 standard for environmental site assessments.

To confirm the size of the plot – a total of 20 ha – our experts used a photogrammetry drone. This drone took multiple photos which we subsequently combined in a GIS model to determine the site’s correct size. The information gathered was also used to map the height differences of the terrain in an innovative 3D Digital Elevation Model. By using these techniques, a week’s worth of work was performed in just one day.

Our thorough investigation revealed that the site is well developed, is in good environmental condition, and features geological conditions which are favourable for construction. There is also a sufficient supply of utilities, which is important for the manufacturer’s operations.

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