Redevelopment of Valkenburg Naval Air Base

The former Valkenburg Naval Air Base will be transformed into an area that combines residential and recreational functions. This redevelopment project requires the removal of a number of existing structures and facilities (including the runway and fuel storage facilities). Because the site was used as an air base for many years, the soil has been contaminated. In addition, unexploded conventional ordnance is present in the ground due to frequent bombing of the air base during World War II. The soil also contains items of archaeological interest. To enable redevelopment of the site, the above-ground and underground situation had to be analysed and all activities and procedures to be carried out had to be incorporated into a contract to be concluded with the contractor.

Contract for dismantling works

Witteveen+Bos provided support in drawing up a contract for the dismantling works. Soil remediation, detection and removal of conventional explosives and investigating items of archaeological interest play an important role in these works.

The following activities were carried out:

  • Investigating known soil contaminations;
  • Preparation and environmental supervision of soil remediation measures;
  • Support for elaboration of the master plan for the redevelopment project;
  • Coordination of activities relating to unexploded ordnance and items of archaeological interest;
  • Preparation of the contract for the performance of works;
  • Supervising the tender procedure;
  • System-Oriented Contract Management.

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