Parking garage Croeselaan Jaarbeursplein

In collaboration with OKRA Landscape Architects and ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects, Witteveen+Bos is responsible for the parking garage built right under the Jaarbeursplein square. The parking garage has a capacity of 800 cars, which are sorely needed to allow the new city center to function well. The garage consists of three levels that can be accessed via three one-way routes with clear way finding. A lot has been done to make the place as pleasant as possible. In order to make people feel more at ease in the garage, clear orientation helps a lot, on the way back to the car, but also on the way out.

In the design of the garage, the safety of pedestrians is paramount, with special attention to the two centrally located pedestrian entrances. The main entrance on the Jaarbeurs side has a large multi-level open space for daylight. The walls of the stairwell are made of glass, so that visitors who leave the parking garage immediately see light and air and can therefore quickly orientate themselves.

The position of the columns makes it possible to adjust the parking space width in the future. The ceiling is completely flat because structural beams, air ducts and cables for lighting and the like are concealed. As a result, the visitor's attention is not distracted and attention is focused entirely on the elements in the parking garage that are actually important.

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