New Port of Taman

Within the framework of the Russian federal target programme ‘Development of transport system of Russia (2010-2015)’, the Russian Federation aims to develop modern deep-sea ports for the export and import of goods. The purpose of the Taman project is to create a new port with a capacity of 100 million tons annual throughput, which would make this the third largest port in the Russian Federation.

Witteveen+Bos supported Lenmorniiproekt, a Russian based consultant, to carry out the two stages of the assignment, a master plan stage and a detailed design stage. We prepared the port master plan for the envisaged cargo flows first, including the Basis of Design and the assessment of alternative layout plans and alternative structural concepts at different locations. Subsequently we provided the detailed designs, the construction schedule and the cost estimates of the main hydraulic infrastructure. The project was characterized by the many challenges emerging from large elevation differences, rocky subsoil and seismicity in the project area. 

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