Mobility research helps reduce increasing traffic volumes R8

The Kortrijk region is rapidly expanding. There has already been quite a lot of investment in spatial developments and the associated road infrastructure. And the city aims to continue that growth in the future too. This will include new district developments, business parks for small and medium-sized enterprises, new shopping centres, the expansion of the road network, better public transport, a new football stadium,...

Kortrijk is buckling under increasing traffic volumes

Today, these investments are already generating additional traffic on and around the R8 in Kortrijk. To be able to accommodate future traffic volumes too, Witteveen+Bos is partnering Transport & Mobility Leuven to conduct a mobility research for the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV).

Our aim is to present all the possible options which could contribute to a sustainable solution. In our advice, we consider the existing environmental factors, the modal shift as well as future development plans.

Considered approach produces various scenarios with or without closing of the R8 ring road

To be able to guarantee smooth traffic flows in this region, Witteveen+Bos starts by analysing current traffic flows based on extensive camera counts. To complete our analysis, we quantify the impact of all the developments in the Kortrijk-Oost, Kortrijk-Zuid and Aalbeke traffic interchanges and on the R8 ring road. We do this using state-of-the-art traffic models (microsimulations VISSIM).

The output of this study enables us to create various traffic simulations. In these simulations, it is essential to accurately assess their feasibility in terms of the reality. In very concrete terms, we study the following key scenarios:

  • Adapt traffic interchanges if the Ring Road round Kortrijk is not closed;
  • Adapt traffic interchanges if the R8 around Kortrijk is closed.

Substantiated plan with specific optimisations

In both options, we obviously consider the impact of the total costs, the use of space, viability and traffic safety for all residents and users. By outlining all the advantages and disadvantages, we will be able to present a substantiated and sustainable plan.

Complex projects demand clear project communication

Witteveen+Bos is a specialist in infrastructure and mobility. We also realise the importance of clear and transparent communication in each phase of the project and to all the partners involved.

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