Landscape plan Innova58

InnovA58 is the name given to works on the A58 between the interchanges at Sint-Annabosch and Galder, and between Eindhoven and Tilburg. Under assignment to Rijkswaterstaat – and for the purposes of the tracébesluit, a component of Dutch infrastructural law – Witteveen+Bos worked on the plan development for the widening of the A58 and the modification of four interchanges. Also included in this were the renovation and construction of new civil engineering structures, and related area projects. As part of the plan development, Witteveen+Bos created integrated designs for the roadway, civil engineering structures, and integration into the landscape.

Between Eindhoven and Breda, the A58 cuts through various Brabant landscapes – encompassing forests, open fields, farmland and valleys – that sharply contrast with the roadway. The road also borders the built-up areas of towns and villages. The spatial integration is laid down in a landscape plan and an aesthetic schedule of requirements. The schedule contains the principles and requirements related to landscape and architecture for the design of the road, the civil engineering structures, interchanges, verges, adjacent areas, roadway objects, and compensatory measures for water and nature.

The landscape plan and schedule of requirements pay particular attention to topics including energy, circularity, innovation, and sustainable area development. In connection with the road widening, designs were also made for a new bicycle connection and bicycle viaduct through the Markdal at Breda, as well as an improved ecological connection through the Beerze valley, with the roadway being elevated.

Witteveen+Bos produced a design incorporating a coherent roadway, a civil engineering structure design language, and a recognisable adjacent landscape. To achieve this, a series of workshops was organised with residents and stakeholders. In addition to working on the design products, an important contribution was made to the environmental participation through presentations, workshops and input for the Rijkswaterstaat project website.

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