Landscape Design: Rosewood Luxury Resort and Wadi Hanifa Hotel

We are proud to be working on the landscape design for the new Rosewood hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, due to open in 2025. Rosewood Riyadh will be located within a mixed-use zone in Diriyah Gate, next to the UNESCO World Heritage site of At-Turaif. Diriyah Gate is poised to become the country’s leading cultural and lifestyle destination, with the new hotel set to bring a new level of luxury to the local and regional hospitality landscape and offer a unique opportunity for business and leisure travellers to immerse themselves in one of the Middle East’s most important cities. The project consists of two components: located atop an escarpment, an ultra-luxurious hotel overlooks a wadi, where a series of VIP rooms and villas are situated. The entire design process – from concept to detailed design – involved the use of building information modelling (BIM).

Pool design experts

Considering the expertise of our team of pool design experts, who have worked on multiple projects for elaborate swimming pools for luxurious developments, we have been asked to take responsibility for the design and integration of the pools with adjoining terraces, as well as the water and other landscape features.

The project required different types of pools with differing levels of privacy, and included facilities both on the ground floor and on rooftops. Our design seamlessly integrates these different spaces into the guest’s experience of the public realm.

Native landscape design

Complementing the overall vision of the project, the landscape design strategy involved a combination of attractive placemaking, on the one hand, and native design which embraces the unique cultural heritage of the location on the other. Creating a sense of place was the primary design objective, which was further accentuated by the use of materials and softscape palettes that remind visitors of the local culture, nature and traditions, and of the unique Najdi architectural style exclusive to the area. In order to conserve water, 75 % of plant species used were native, complementing the existing palm groves and adding to the rich experience of the desert.

We are currently working for various premium clients in the Middle East region on delivering landscape design services to create simple, elegant and sustainable landscapes tied to exceptional hospitality projects.

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