Landscape Design and Supervision: Azizi Riviera

An attractive and integrated design for the public spaces in a lakeside residential community – that is what  we delivered with the Azizi Riviera in the heart of Dubai. In the past, we have worked on many similar projects for leading developers in the region’s housing sector. Located at District One of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, the Azizi development was planned in four phases. In each phase, we were the lead for the landscape design’s detailed master plan – from the concept design through to tender document preparation. Our experts incorporated all of the areas of their expertise necessary to develop a sustainable design for the community’s public spaces. At the same time, the design also embraced practical and innovative landscape design solutions tailored to the region – such as greening strategies with native vegetation, integrated placemaking recreational facilities, and traffic reduction measures – to make it feasible and easily manageable.

Harmony between people and nature

A coherent overall vision was created for the community’s various neighbourhoods, focussed on establishing a harmonious interface between people and nature. A significant part of this vision involved routing cyclists and pedestrians (‘slow traffic’) in such a way that they could easily manoeuvre through the neighbourhood along integrated green corridors that connect a beach, a lake, large and small parks, shopping streets, and community facilities. This vision aims to create a memorable experience for cyclists and pedestrians and adds to the quality of the public realm. The development also includes multi-purpose sports facilities such as basketball and tennis courts, skateparks, and playgrounds catering to different age groups, all of which enhance the recreational value of the project.

Local desert landscape

The landscape palette reflects the local desert landscape, showcasing native and adapted plants which consume less water as well as locally sourced hardscape materials. We also ensured that the landscape is rooted in the natural environment by creating strategic corridors flushed with local plant species, connecting the development to the surrounding desert area.

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