Kapuk Naga land development: 12,000 hectares of reclaimed land

The city of Jakarta has outgrown its current boundaries. To cope with this rapid growth, it is expanding northward into the Sea of Java. Witteveen+Bos put together a development plan for a 12,000-hectare area, with our experts providing the full range of services for the planned reclamation and implementation of a water management system. This included conducting a feasibility study and other impact studies, developing a master plan and technical design, preparing tender documents, and providing supervision and technical assistance during the construction phase.

Ten artificial islands

The land reclamation projects for Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kapuk Naga Indah and Tangerang International City involve the creation of ten artificial islands just off the coast of Jakarta. The plans also include reclamation of land along the coast. The reclaimed land will consist of polder systems, meaning the islands’ surface will be at sea level. Effective water management and sea defences, therefore, are crucial for protection against flooding.

The reclamation of 800 hectares of fishing ponds on the shoreline at Pantai Indah Kapuk began in 1990, with construction work starting in 2001 and being completed in 2010. Construction of the first offshore island (‘Golf Island’) began in 2012 and work on another offshore island (‘River Walk Island’) began in 2014.


Continuing westward: first waterfront city in Banten Province

In 2016 development works continued westward along the shoreline, with plans to develop another 1,000 hectares being christened ‘Kosambi Land Development’, or ‘Pantai Indah Kapuk 2’ (‘PIK2’). The area concerned will be the first waterfront city in Banten Province.

The PIK2 polder’s urban water management and drainage systems were completed at the beginning of 2017. They include a long stretch of white beach on the sea dyke between the Dadap and Tahang rivers. Our experts also provided technical expertise for PIK2’s toll road. The second phase of this road’s construction is planned to commence soon.

Ongoing involvement

Our involvement in this project is ongoing, with the master plan – which stems from 1987  – needing to be adapted to the existing market. This will involve technical, financial and operational aspects.

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