Jakarta urban drainage

Flooding is one of the major problems of Jakarta and the existing drainage system is in poor condition. Maintenance of the existing canals by dredging is not operational in the capital city and a responsible authority for such work has not been established. Furthermore, the drainage capacity is no longer suitable to cope with current and future floods in Jakarta. Dredging of canals is necessary for the discharge of surface water runoff. Witteveen+Bos completed design studies and prepared dredging plans for the areas of Kali Mati and the Pandemandan canal and a disposal area in Ancol. International and national staff were involved in the coordination and supervision of the dredging activities and the training of local operators.

The project was aimed at introducing, testing and - if needed - adapting small-scale urban dredging methods, together with training local staff to operate the equipment. The objective was to establish a basis for long-term maintenance and operation of the channels by the responsible authorities. New dredging equipment, acquired as part of this project, was planned to be transferred to the Indonesian authorities.

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