Guide to New Build and Rail Vibrations

There are concerns about vibrations caused by using the railway, both among residents and in the House of Representatives. The State Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Management wants to protect residents from the negative effects of rail vibrations and to develop a corresponding policy. In partnership with Cohere Consultants and commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Witteveen+Bos drew up the Guide to New Build and Rail Vibrations.

The guide incorporated input from an external panel which included municipalities, environment department, ProRail and the Ministry. As a result of this successful collaboration, a supported and well-founded guide was produced. The guide focuses on sharing and increasing knowledge among various stakeholders and provides tools to prevent negative effects of vibrations for residents and users wherever possible. Using interesting practical examples, municipalities, environment services, engineering consultants and project initiators can immediately get down to work in concrete situations.

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