FietsMonitor Haarlem

The FietsMonitor is a digital tool that links bike-related data sources and policy-relevant information. For the municipality of Haarlem, the FietsMonitor provides insight into bicycle flows on the cycle network, the quality of the cycle infrastructure (flow and comfort) and safety (accident locations involving cyclists) as a quantitative basis for Haarlem's cycle policy.

The municipality of Haarlem wants to focus more on cyclists in the city centre. As part of its cycle policy, the municipality needed more reliable information about the current cycle infrastructure and bike use to make and support decisions. In Haarlem, Witteveen+Bos used the FietsMonitor to look at the current state of the municipal cycle network to support investments in the cycle network. Using objective data, the municipality of Haarlem can now make better decisions about cycle policy and bike parking.

With open data and additional information from the Municipality of Haarlem, such as the car traffic model and bike parks, we can give municipal officers and policy makers insight into:

  • bicycle flows on the cycle network;
  • the characteristics of the existing cycle infrastructure;
  • possible bottlenecks in terms of cycling safety and road design.

The FietsMonitor makes it possible to identify the impact of cycle measures, such as adding a cycle route, and growth scenarios, such as planned urban developments and increasing use of the e-bike.

The FietsMonitor has also been used in the municipality of Utrecht to chart current and future flows of cyclists and to support decision-making relating to bicycle crossings. In the province of Flevoland, we used the FietsMonitor to explore the flows of different types of cyclists, such as schoolchildren, commuters and recreational cyclists.

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