Energy plants worldwide

Energy self-sufficiency and raw material recovery have become important themes in modern wastewater treatment. The technical feasibility of energy-neutral and even energy-producing municipal sewage treatment plants, has been clearly established. However, local situations and technical facilities offer countless possibilities, each with its own business case.

Energy and nutrient extraction from waste water

Water boards and water companies focus on energy and raw material recovery installations within the Waste2Value concept. In close cooperation with water companies, construction companies and suppliers, Witteveen+Bos has developed a number of advanced energy and/or nutrient recovery installations with different technological approaches, such as thermal pressure hydrolysis, thermophilic fermentation and nutrient recovery through struvite production.

Our process and engineering teams have shown their expertise in the energy and raw material recovery installations in Apeldoorn and Tilburg, as well as in the energy plant in Hengelo, all excellent examples of installations for economic and renewable energy and nutrient recovery. Our process technologists and technicians have - in cooperation with SEEN partners - developed business cases, feasibility studies, preliminary designs and tender specifications for a number of these repositories in the Netherlands, Ghana, Denmark and the Philippines.

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