Design of land development and toll road Kendal-Semarang

The government of Indonesia wants to improve the connection between West Java and East Java. The Mitra Jaya Group is developing a part of the connection with a toll road from Semarang to Kendal. About 5 km of the 21 kilometer long toll road is located at the offshore area, which is continuously eroding.

To protect the mainland from further erosion, the mission and challenge is to combine the development of the toll road with sea defence and the development of the surrounding area:  industrial estates and residence houses.

Witteveen+Bos is asked to prepare the conceptual and basic design: technical notes, data collection, conceptual design, wave and hydrodynamic and morphology modelling, etc. Because of our  involvement in other projects in Semarang, for instance in water management, we can share that  knowledge in this project.

The area is about 1.400 hectares and offers housing facilities  for about 7.000 families, including basic facilities as clean drinking water. By developing industrial and commercial activities new employment opportunities are created for 47.000 residents. The toll road is providing about 5 million people with better (public) transport facilities.

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