'Cycling City for All' competition

Our proposal entitled ‘Oslo - Cycling City For All’, aiming to make the Norwegian capital more attractive to cyclists, was submitted as part of an ideas competition organised by FutureBuilt and the Norwegian Cyclists’ Association. The jury deemed our plan to be a valuable contribution to the debate on creating better facilities for cyclists in Oslo.

The proposition put forward by Witteveen+Bos, OKRA and Grindaker calls for integrated planning of all traffic modalities in Oslo. In order to create safer conditions for cyclists, the plan recommends a number of solutions, including on-street parking in the city centre and a reduction in car traffic. The plan also calls for the bundling of public transportation routes, enlargement of the 30-kilometre speed limit zone in the city centre, construction of bicycle routes that cut across the city centre, and diversion of motorists away from an enlarged pedestrianised city centre with car parks on the perimeters. The designers also recommend the construction of new bicycle parking facilities.

The overarching aim of Witteveen+Bos’s ‘Oslo - Cycling City For All’ proposal is to improve the quality of public spaces, thereby also enhancing the vitality of the city centre. In the new situation, cyclists and pedestrians are given more room and greater priority is assigned to their needs. Simultaneously, motorised traffic in the city centre is discouraged.

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