Creating the Eemshaven-West wind farm

The Netherlands is working on a low-CO2 energy supply that is safe, reliable and affordable. Wind energy plays a pivotal role in the transition to renewable energy. The national and provincial governments have agreed a wind energy target of 6,000 megawatts (MW) for 2020.

The province of Groningen has decided to develop wind farms within three concentration areas, including Eemshaven-West. Initiators have developed several plans for the embodiment of this area. The plans overlap so they cannot all be carried out at the same time. To move the planning for the Eemshaven-West wind farm a step further, the possibilities for wind energy are being examined in more detail. Witteveen+Bos conducted an environmental impact assessment for the national government, the Groningen provincial government and the municipality of Eemsmond to explore various alternatives.

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