Closure and containment of Municipal Solid Waste Site

A municipal waste dump has arisen along the border of some residential settlements in Kadapa, India. The uncontrolled dump site, with a footprint of 4.6 hectares, poses a hazard to local residents and the surrounding environment and forms an obstacle to the future development of the urban area.

The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board has sanctioned a pilot project, funded by the World Bank, for closure and containment of the site. This project is part of the Capacity Building for Industrial Pollution Management Project, which is helping the Indian Government’s Ministry of Environment & Forests to build capacity at state and central level and develop a framework to address these issues in a comprehensive and systematic manner under an area-wide management approach.

A consortium led by Witteveen+Bos developed an integrated rehabilitation plan, including partial mining of the dump site and reuse of materials inside the site for cover layers, followed by final closure according to MSW 2000 rules in order to be reinstated as a green zone in the newly planned urban area.

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