Bor Regional Development Project Serbia

The Bor mine is the largest copper mining complex in Europe. At the end of the twentieth century, the environmental situation in the mine was bad. Years of exploitation under Yugoslav legislation and the Balkan wars preceded this. The mining waste, mostly dikes of mineral coverings and old tailings basins, posed a risk to the environment. Acid drainage water, rich in heavy metals, flowed into the rivers without restriction. Serious dust emissions and erosion along with unstable slopes adversely affected the quality of life and the environment in the areas around the mine.

Rehabilitation of the dismantled parts of the mining complex

An international consortium of consultants, composed of mining and environmental specialists led by Witteveen+Bos, provided the required services for the rehabilitation of the dismantled parts of the mining complex. Through an analysis of the environment system, the active processes and environmental risks were identified and assessed, so that risks and costs could be balanced in the final design. The resulting optimised final scenario was worked out in a detailed design.

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