Aurubis invests in new water treatment facility

The Aurubis Group is the largest copper producer in Europe and is a world leader in the area of copper recycling. In addition, gold, silver, nickel, selenium and other metals have long since been part of the company’s portfolio. The company aims to evolve into a leading multi-metal producer. This is why Aurubis is focused on internal, as well as external growth. 

In the context of its internal growth, the Copper Group plans to expand one of its production sites with a new smelting furnace. This furnace will produce flue gases that must be cooled and scrubbed in a wet scrubber in order to keep atmospheric emissions under control. The wet gas scrubbing process produces a wastewater flow that must be treated in a water treatment plant.

In the context of the future expansion of its production capacity, Aurubis called on Witteveen+Bos for the complete design of a new physical-chemical wastewater treatment plant The Witteveen+Bos engineers assisted Aurubis in various ways, for example, by providing guidance in selecting the most suitable technology and developing a process design with a focus on operational flexibility and reliability.

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