Asset management for Europe Container Terminals

In 1993, Europe Container Terminals (ECT) took into service the first fully automated container terminal to make use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs). The facility is located in the Maasvlakte industrial zone near Rotterdam. As this terminal and other later ECT terminals age, the quality of the infrastructure is declining and the risk of interruptions to operations is therefore increasing. Consequently, there is a growing need to perform targeted maintenance work on the terminal’s infrastructure. These activities must be carried out with no or minimal interruptions to container transhipment operations in the Port of Rotterdam.

Keeping key transhipment facilities operational calls for specific skills. Special expertise is required in order to minimise any impact on operational processes and the surroundings and to maintain a high standard of safety. The work conducted as part of this project is highly varied, including health and safety assessments of buildings, managing and supervising the renovation of a railway terminal and performing risk analyses on electrical installations.

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