3D Concrete Printing Market Study; Training and Installation

We are constantly looking for new ways to adapt to the changing world and the numerous challenges it faces, such as increasing urbanisation and the depletion of natural resources. One of our main goals is to contribute to increasing digitalisation in the construction industry. Our involvement in 3D concrete printing (3DCP) is one way of achieving this goal. 3DCP is currently gaining popularity in the industry due to its numerous benefits, including reduced materials use, less waste, lower labour costs and fewer risks during construction, efficiency in planning, design freedom, and fewer CO2 emissions.

Witteveen+Bos has been active in 3DCP since 2014 and has built up an extensive track record encompassing various applications all over the world – from bridges and other civil infrastructure to buildings, affordable housing, individual construction components, public benches and sculptures. Within the 3DCP field, we are involved in research and development, design and engineering, training, and supporting optimisation of clients’ 3DCP facilities and software.

Since 2017 Witteveen+Bos has been collaborating with BESIX on promoting and implementing 3DCP technology in the UAE. BESIX has established a 3DCP studio in the country, which represents a significant step towards more widespread implementation of 3DCP in the architecture, engineering and construction industries in the region. Due to our common vision, BESIX requested that we provide various forms of technical support for the operation of their 3DCP equipment (KUKA KR120 R3900 Ultra K), such as improving their staff’s operational skills through on-site training, supplying 3DCP software and plug-ins to control the site’s robots, and providing practical knowledge on the printing process and documentation for standard operating procedures. Together with BESIX, we are currently exploring further opportunities in the region. Clients can contact us for the design and manufacture of objects including various construction components, public concrete furniture, offices and hubs.

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