Witteveen+Bos, Ecorys and TwynstraGudde join forces to boost the impact on SDG 6

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The world is facing a huge challenge to meet the United Nations objectives by 2030. Clean water and sanitation for everyone (SDG 6) is one of the objectives to which Witteveen+Bos can contribute. Together with Ecorys and TwynstraGudde, the engineering consultants have formed a consortium to support the Valuing Water Initiative (VWI) on behalf of RVO. This lays the basis for a coalition of market leaders who want to apply and communicate the Valuing Water Principles.

VWI wants better decision-making about water. Based on practical case studies, VWI wants to show system change in the way that water is valued in policy, practice, financing and behaviour. The lessons learned from these cases about the processes for achieving system change can provide inspiration for similar changes elsewhere. 

The aim of this coalition is to apply the United Nations Valuing Water Principles and share knowledge. To support this goal, several pilot projects and their contributions to system change for valuing water will be analysed.  

By means of inspiring showcases that highlight the learning process, a strong coalition and effective communication, VWI will encourage others to take actions targeting system change that are necessary to achiever our joint goals for sustainable development in 2030.