TW office sold

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The former head office of Witteveen+Bos at the Van Twickelostraat in the Dutch city Deventer has been sold. The purchase agreement was signed at the beginning of July with Ontwikkelcombinatie IJsselzicht BV. The new owner will redevelop the complex into apartments after the transfer in September. 

The office space of Witteveen+Bos in Deventer is now concentrated in the building at Leeuwenbrug 8. The Odour lab, which was also located on the Van Twickelostraat, has recently moved to a larger location at Hanzeweg 45 in Deventer. 

The sale of the office on the Van Twickelostraat marks the end of the use of a characteristic office in a beautiful location where Witteveen+Bos employees have enjoyed working over many decades.