Engineers brainstorm about the Oosterweel

Students brainstorm about the Oosterweel

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Witteveen+Bos Belgium recently organised a successful edition of the Business Course. The ideal event to introduce Industrial Engineering and Structural Engineering students to our procedures. Ten students attended, despite the strict coronavirus measures.

Coronavirus-proof Business Course

Due to the latest developments relating to the pandemic, at the last minute we were forced to turn the event into an interactive master class. However, that did not prevent our colleagues from developing a strong case remotely.

'The master class was very interesting, mainly due to the two very inspiring but also inspired speakers. The Oosterweel is a complex project and obviously too extensive to explain in such a short time, but I feel they were successful!' - Thibaud Leyssens, Student UA

Brainstorm with experienced colleagues

Our colleagues from our Infrastructure department- Kristof Myncke, Joni Bauwens, Frank Kaalberg and Richard de Nijs - took the participants almost literally behind the scenes of the Oosterweel before answering all their questions.

At the end, we organised a small networking event. The ideal moment for students to feel the atmosphere at Witteveen+Bos and enjoy an informal introduction to the options we offer students.

'I took part in the Witteveen+Bos Master Class. During this event, the colleagues explained the Oosterweel project in lots of detail. I feel that this information can certainly contribute to a student's learning process.' Pieter De Conick, Student Thomas More

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