Research into the potential of geothermal energy in Gelderland

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At the end of April 2022 the results of the study into the potential of geothermal energy in Gelderland were presented. The study was carried out by Witteveen+Bos together with PanTerra Geoconsultants on behalf of the Dutch province of Gelderland.

The results of the study can help municipalities to supplement their Roadmap for sustainable heating (Transitievisie Warmte, TVW) with data on the geothermal potential. The potential can not be developed everywhere, or immediately. In some cases, the information about the subsurface in Gelderland is not yet sufficiently complete to be certain of the potential for geothermal energy. In a number of cases, additional data is needed, especially seismic information. Various initiators will work on this in the coming years. 

The study shows that a number of locations are very promising for geothermal energy in Gelderland. Even more locations may be considered if the heat is extracted at various depths. This offers, certainly in combination with heat networks, possibilities for the heat transition that many municipalities are working on. A necessary step towards a future in which we are no longer dependent on fossil fuels.


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