Refurbishment of Leeuwenbrug offices begins

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Following long planning and preparation, the complete refurbishment of the Witteveen+Bos offices on Leeuwenbrug in Deventer began on 13 April 2017. To mark this milestone event, representatives of the company joined counterparts from building contractor Van Wijnen, installation specialist Van Dorp and architects Studio Groen+Schild to unveil the fences which had been erected around the building, which bore artists’ impressions of the new interior and exterior. Staff had vacated the building some weeks earlier, moving into the Leeuwenbrug II office block on the other side of the street. The refurbishment includes a complete remodelling of the main entrance and lobby. At the rear of the building is a ‘green wall’ of living plants, while all interior workspaces have been reconfigured in a ‘hot-desking’ concept to promote teamwork and efficiency.