Flemish government granted environmental permit to FARYS

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The Flemish Minister for the Environment, Zuhal Demir, has issued an environmental permit for the doubling of our client FARYS’s production capacity.

From its water production centre in the port of Ostend, the drinking water company FARYS has been supplying customers in Ostend and Middelkerke since spring 2020. At this facility, brackish water (a mixture of fresh and salt water) from the Ostend-Bruges canal is converted into pure drinking water using techniques involving membranes.

In connection with climate change as well as the strategic plan on water supply – which drinking water companies created as part of the Blue Deal – FARYS decided to expand its existing production capacity as quickly as possible.

To facilitate this expansion, Witteveen+Bos guided our client through the environmental permit application process and conducted an impact analysis on the water management and discharge situation at the receiving body of surface water.

Header image: FARYS