New tool: Energy System Comparison Tool

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Witteveen+Bos has developed an interactive online tool that gives users insight into the investment and annual costs of different heat systems: the Energy System Comparison Tool (ESCT). Municipalities can make the ESCT available to residents. The tool can help achieve the targets set out in the Heating Transition Vision.

Using the private home as a starting point, the ESCT provides insight into the costs of heat systems that are available as an alternative to heating with natural gas. Every home can serve as a basis for the calculations. All relevant variables can be adjusted, such as: type of house, energy label, insulation level, gas consumption, electricity consumption, electricity price, gas price, heat price, insulation cost and heat system cost. This offers homeowners insight into costs, payback period and potential savings. The ESCT can also calculate backwards from the payback period and uses actual indications of investment costs to calculate the costs required to make a home suitable for a heat system. But the tool also leaves room for the user to change these indications to calculate, for example, based on prices from quotations. With a concrete picture of the cost and payback period, people can make an informed decision about the investment.

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Anika Steenstra Energy consultant